Nowość! Magnus von Horn, Kirk Kjeldsen, Reading film.

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M. von Horn, K. Kjeldsen, Reading Film – a new addition to our bookstore.

This is another publication in a series of film analyses written by practitioners. Magnus von Horn is a Film School graduate and lecturer, winner of the “Polityka” Passport, screenwriter and director of the award-winning film Sweat. Kirk Kjeldsen is also a lecturer at the School, an American screenwriter specializing in the adaptations of difficult literary works. They come together in Reading Film as authors of essays that bring closer and even reveal the secrets of their film-making art. Magnus von Horn chose Bruno Dumont’s powerful and controversial film, The Life of Jesus, as the subject of his essay. Kirk Kjeldsen focused on the film Gavagai, an adaptation of the poetry of the Norwegian literary classic, Tarjea Vesaas, directed by Rob Tregenza, which he worked on as co-screenwriter. From a definitely non-accidental combination of these film personalities, this book has been created for the reader interested in experimentation, the non-obvious and artistic attempts to cross not only artistic boundaries. These are two great lectures by professionals that you just have to listen to carefully.


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